Cutting Department

We have a large cutting space, capable of managing all the cutting needs for producing very defined products. This department is equipped with latest Fabric Inspection machine, Band-Knife, Straight Knife, latest Fusing machine and Richpeace Plotter. Our cutters are experienced in cutting a variety of fabrics such as Viscose,100% cotton, elastane, cotton viscose etc.



How it happens?

The main purpose of cutting section involves cutting of garment panels precisely, consistent with the pattern shape and size as well as economically and in a necessary volume to keep the sewing department supplied with work. The process flow in the cutting department is given below.


Working Process of Cutting Department in RA Apparel

Fabric spreading

Placing marker paper on the lay

100% inspection of parts and replacement of parts if needed


Fabric cutting

Sorting and bundling

Input to sewing department


Four main processes involved in cutting section


When all the necessary data about the textile materials delivered to the cutting room have been obtained, lay planning and marker making processes may be further work processes in the cutting room.

Fabric Spreading

Spreading is a process during which fabric is cut in pieces of certain length and the pieces placed one above another in many plies.

Fabric cutting

Cutting is the process of separating a spread into garment components as a replica of pattern pieces on a marker. It also involves transferring marks and notches from the marker to garment components to facilitate sewing.

Fabric Bundling

Most of the sewing rooms use the bundling system, where small batches of garments move from one workstation to another in a controlled manner.

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